Birds & Small Animal

Wild Birds

Sniders Elevator offers a wide variety of wild bird seed brands for your flying friends … Lyric, Browns, Pine Tree Suet, the Perky Pet line for hummingbirds and introducing our very own Snider’s Wild Bird Favorite blend.

Come check out the bird feeders in our store. We have a wide selection to choose from and we are getting new things in all the time.

Small Animals

For those who have not been to our store, we carry things for small animals too. We have a wide variety of feeds and animal care products for rabbits, guniea pigs, chinchillas, mice, rats, and caged birds. Even fish food. We have harnesses, cages, treats, bedding, hay, water bottles, salt spools, more treats and things to chew on and wear down teeth. If we don’t have something that your animal friend needs, we can usually order the item and have it here within a few days. So while you’re here getting your large animal something to eat, take a peek at what we have to offer the little guys.

Feathered Friends

We also have some bird feed in stock for the caged feathered friends, as well as millet, treats and some toys for their entertainment.

Guinea pig & Hamsters

Yes, we have guinea pig cages, hamster and guinea pig feeds and treats for the littlest guys too.


We carry Pen Pal rabbit pellets in 10#, 25# and 50# bags. We also carry Kaytee Fortified ProHealth for rabbits…adults and juvenile. There are lots of treats and things to chew on for you to bring home to them too.

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