It's Worth The Ride!It's Worth The Ride!

It's Worth The Ride!

5% Off Animal Grooming Supplies - #1

5% Off Animal Grooming Supplies

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Serving our community since 1929!Serving our community since 1929!

Serving our community since 1929!

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Try our home feeds, or order a custom feed tailored to your animal needs.
Shop our wide variety of farm & garden supplies
Snider's has a long history of feeding the wild birds.
Need new riding apparel? Or looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Don't forget to shop upstairs!

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What better way of serving our community.
You can purchase your items online and pick them up at our store in one or two hours, sometimes even less. Best of all, ordering online and picking up in store allows you spend less time shopping, and more time farming. Your order will be held at the store for several calendar days. We‘ll send you a reminder email one day before we cancel the order and return the merchandise to the warehouse.

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Buy online, Curbside pickup or Pickup In-Store *If showing as sold out, please call to verify inventory, it may not actually be sold out!*

Our History

Our History

Snider’s Elevator has been your neighborhood feed store for over 90 years. The Snider’s corporation was founded in 1929 by B.C. Snider at a mill in Williamson, just four miles from our current location, but the mill in Lemasters has actually been in operation since the spring of 1874. Starting as a warehouse, this was a frame structure measuring 50 by 26 feet, with a slate roof, and was located on the south side of the railroad. It was built by Samuel Plum from Sinking Springs over in Berks County and had a capacity of storing close to 5,000 bushels of grain. It also had a large place for freight reception and included the post, ticket, express, and freight offices. A ladies’ and gentlemen’s waiting room was there as well. After Plum’s death, the warehouse was sold to brothers John A. and Edgar B. Diehl. They changed the name to the Lehmasters Warehouse Company. In 1888, John sold his share of the business to Edgar. The elevator in the first warehouse was operated by horsepower. Later, a well was dug and a wooden pump installed along with a wind tower which furnished water for the steam engine. The engine operated the elevator and cleaner. Unfortunately on Tuesday, June 6, 1905, a terrible fire was started by a passing train which demolished the entire mill. The fire was so bad that the iron rails of the train track expanded and burned the railroad ties. As soon as he could, Edgar Diehl rebuilt the warehouse and elevator. He equipped it with new machinery – the steam power was replaced by a gasoline engine and an iron pump was installed in place of the wooden pump and wind tower. Around 1912, the power to operate the machinery was changed to electricity. In 1914, Edgar got out of the picture and the business was taken over by John A. Diehl, Edward Omwake, George E. Diehl (John’s son), and Aaron Myers. They changed the name of the business to the Lehmaster Feed and Grain Company. In 1921, John and George Diehl sold their share of the business to Edward Omwake, C.P. Omwake, and Aaron Myers. This time, the name changed to the Lehmaster Elevator Company. When 1944 rolled around, Aaron Myers and his sons Eugene G. and J. Richard became the owners of the elevator. They decided to save confusion and keep the name the same this time! Aaron Myers passed away in December of 1970 and his share of the ownership passed to his sons. On April 1st of 1986, the title of the mill passed to Bill and Phyllis Snider. This became the final location of Snider’s Elevator, where we have been in operation til this very day. Susan Snider later purchased the business from her parents in 2009.

Reasons why... It's Worth the Ride!

We went to Sniders today to look for a pair of boots. Their selection and service were amazing. They had an amazing selection upstairs and their staff was so very helpful. It was an A++ experience and would highly recommend checking out their selection upstairs.
Reasons why... It's Worth the Ride! - #1
Tammy Heinbaugh
We are so thankful to have found a local place that carries the dog food we feed our yellow lab. They even order in the different flavor she prefers. When going into the store they remember us and that our girl likes a special nutrisource food. The cost of her food is much cheaper then what we were paying online. She loves the bully sticks we get her, they say long lasting, but for our girl they last like 5 minutes. Thanks for always taking the time to special order our girls food.
Reasons why... It's Worth the Ride! - #2
Alizabeth Campbell
On of the greatest store in the area. Very friendly staff. It is like a store back in the 60,70 wish we had more store like this instead of the big box stores that we have now. This is one reason I support family business instead of chain stores. So if you want a great old time store stop by and say hello they would appreciate you stopping in. Thank you
Reasons why... It's Worth the Ride! - #3
Tim Crider

Come'on Out!

Come'on Out!
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4551 Lemar Rd. Mercersburg, PA 17236
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Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM — 5:00 PM Saturday: 7:30 AM -2:00 PM Sunday: CLOSED
Why Work with us

Why Work with us

Snider’s currently employs a host of people from various backgrounds. We have applications available at the counter in our retail store at 4551 Lemar Road, Mercersburg, PA 17236. Additionally, you can also apply for both mill and retail store positions online below.